They are hand-painted one-at-a-time by Silk Artist, Color Healer Anna Champagne with dyes in jewel colors, infused with loving intention and healing energy.

When worn on the body, you surround yourself in silks that are soft as rose petals to the touch, and nurture feelings of peacefulness, calm and uplifting energy. 

Surround yourself in beauty and healing energy in an Anna Champagne Silk scarf, shawl, or blanket.  



Silk has the highest vibration of fiber, which helps to protect and insulate us energetically.


I hand-paint each silk in clear, beautiful, jewel colors. This  creates a high vibration and frequency of energy. Clear vibrant colors lift and inspire us, calm or energize us. 


My Artist / Dye studio is my sanctuary where I bring clear, loving intention to the creation of your silk.

“I love to meditate in my Anna Champagne Silks meditation blanket, my comfort cocoon, as I like to call it.  It gives me a feeling of security and warmth, like a big cosmic hug.  It gives my physical body such a comfort, making it easier to meditate, I feel so comfortable and relaxed.  The excellent quality and heavy weight of the silk blanket gives me energetic protection, like a force field, that makes me feel good.  Like a butterfly emerging from a cocoon, there is a total transformation allowing me to transcend into the Divine. And the really beautiful spiritual colors add a plus to my meditations. The higher chakra colors of turquoise green, blue and violet help to create a higher vibration making it conducive to accessing more subtle energies.”

Jeffrey Robert

DC, Chiropractor and meditator

Besides being enthralled with the look and feel of my silk, I use it to facilitate my meditation. It bathes my mind in tranquility and wraps my heart in serenity. My silk is an important piece in helping me become a better, more spiritually evolved person.

Dr. Stephen Royal Jackson

Stress Specialist, America's Happiness Doctor

Author of Eight Steps to Love, Love Conquers Stress.